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Regardless of which loan product you decide suits your needs best, all our products are subject to the same general terms and conditions set forth below, among others:

  • Maximum Overall LTV: 70% of current, as-is market value of collateral

  • Installment Payments: Monthly, interest only with balloon upon maturity

  • Recourse (personal guaranty) required for most loans where LTV exceeds 60%

  • Appraisals rarely required

  • All escrow, title and closing-related expenses, including but not limited to the cost of an extended ALTA policy of title insurance with appropriate endorsements, are payable from loan proceeds at closing

  • Due Diligence Fee: $500 to NSL - payable upon NSL's issuance of firm loan commitment

  • Documentation Fee: $1,500 to NSL - payable at close of escrow from loan proceeds

Our license status prohibits us from making any consumer-purpose loans (no traditional home loans).  Stated differently, our loan proceeds may be used only for commercial, business and/or investment purposes.

Nearly all types of California real estate can serve as collateral for NSL loans, subject to underwriting approval. 

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