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Our Underwriting Process

In most cases, we require approximately fourteen (14) calendar days from the time we receive all requested documentation to the time we can actually fund a loan.  All loans are subject to underwriting approval.  As a part of our underwriting process, we may require a formal walk-through of the property.

If the proposed loan meets our underwriting parameters and we determine that we are prepared to make the loan, we will issue a written Letter of Intent (LOI).  The LOI is often issued and delivered to the proposed borrower within seven (7) calendar days from the time we receive all requested documentation.  The proposed borrower will be required to countersign the LOI and return a copy to us along with a $1,000 non-refundable documentation fee (Fee).  The Fee is deemed immediately earned upon receipt. 

Once we receive the Fee and the check clears, we will immediately commence preparation of all required loan documentation.  

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