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Cooperating Loan Brokers Welcome

We are actively seeking to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with duly qualified and licensed cooperating commercial loan brokers. We understand that our business' life blood depends on the hard work and efforts of our cooperating loan broker network.  As such, we make it our priority to protect our broker network from unscrupulous borrowers that seek to "cut them out" to save a few points.  


Loans that are originally referred to us through a duly qualified and liensed broker will only close with that broker's involvement in the transaction and we take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the referring broker's fee is protected throughout the transaction.


It is our primary goal to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships within our loan broker network and we will never sacrifice those realtionships just to close a loan. We understand that your repeat business is worth infinitely more to us in the long term.

With regard to compensation, please note that any and all compensation to cooperating brokers and agents is paid by the borrower.  Typically, this is achieved by adding one or more points to the total loan points for the transaction.  For example, where NSL is requiring 1.5 points to make the loan, the total points for the transaction may be 3 points (where, for instance, you are adding 1.5 points for your own compensation).


We encourage you to work with us.

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